a note about the name of this blog

I know. It's a terrible, terrible, no good, very bad name. But I'm sticking with it, because I'm a martyr like that.

Here's the back story:

When I asked C to suggest witty names for the blog (which, I should note, until then was totally just a joke but suddenly became like thisshitisreal, real), this was one of the first. And although we bandied about other plays-on-words (that's a lot of plurals), clunky puns and witticisms, this one just kind of stuck. It didn't help that when my creative director/reckless-blog-enabler-friend heard it, she just piled on. Suddenly everyone thought it was just a "great" name. Of course, they were lying because they like to humiliate me totally serious and supportive. And so, because I am a a total sucker who caves to even the slightest peer pressure, a strong, independent woman, I agreed.

Also, a quick google search revealed THIS. So now I have a ... jingle? theme song? link to battle of the bands from SUNY-potsdam, 2005!

(another lady's ovaries)


  1. ha! touche...a merging of our public airings of self.

    1. this blog would be nothing without you!