about me

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Sarah and my parents let me wear this fake paper eye patch until I was eighteen, I’m behind this blog you have accidentally stumbled upon. 

I started this little project in an effort to share some thoughts on the long road to baby-having and poke some holes in the shroud of isolation that is infertility (and also to showcase my use of mixed metaphors). So here’s where we’re at: after nine months of no baby – despite our very best efforts I assure you – we jumped on the Clomidtrain™ and never looked back. Okay, that’s a lie. We look back all the time. With whimsy. With eyes in the back of our heads. (and so forth).

But I digress. This blog is a bunch of self-indulgent navel gazing an attempt to chronicle the unpredictable adventures of baby makin’. With candor, wit, and a hefty side of snark. Oh, and probably a few recipes here and there (HowElseToSurviveTheClomidRages? *shoves cookie in face*). Anyway, thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.

(By the way, because I’m a lawyer-by-day and super hero by night!, I’m going for first name only – and, since you asked, I'm 29 – because I have to like, appear in court and be professional and stuff. I'm married to a pretty great doctor-guy, C, and we're basically the Huxtables not the Huxtables. I’m also a Virgo, former Olympian and playwright. Okay. That last part is false.) 


  1. So far loving your voice, and your blog. I legit laughed at loud at your sentiment that "Fertility Journey sounds like a booth at Lilith Fair." Also - my DH and I have had our baby girl name picked out for almost 9 years. So we have some things in common! Keep being awesome.

  2. Because I don't understand technology, I'm doing this here. Feel free to promptly erase so that I'm not inundated with email offers for viagra. I'm going to be in your fair city in a few weeks and, should you have not gone into labor yet, I'd love to share a pickle ice cream sundae with you. Email me (or not) at grandscience(at)yahoo(dot)com