Tuesday, January 15, 2013

on the increased chance of twins while on Clomid: cycle 2, day 21

With Clomid comes an increased chance,
Of twins, each time we baby dance <cringe>.
With Clomid, extra hormones flow,
To help the eggs mature and grow.
With more than one egg released at ovulation,
So does grow the expectation,
That both will fertilize and then, oh my!
We’ll have two, but it’s not enough, C cries.
His ears perk up, an increased risk of twins?
He's now intrigued, eyes a-spin,
A challenge afoot, this more than one.
Why only two? Why only double the fun?
Alas, he declares, “If we just had twins, we’d be quitters!”
He won’t be happy until we have, in his words, “a litter.”[1] 
[1] This is totally a joke. A terrible, only-funny-to-the-trying-to-conceive-set joke. It's also an astute reminder of C’s primary role in our relationship: unrestrained proposer of harebrained hijinks. We’re not from the land of the medically-reckless, greedy-baby-freaks hoping for anything more than one healthy, gender-non-specific, set of lungs and a diaper. In truth, the thought of multiples paralyzes me with fear. Fear and months of bed-rest.

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