Saturday, January 12, 2013

Redux: cycle 2, lost-count-of-the-days

Another cycle, another “two week wait.” Another 14 (or so) days during which time I am carefree, relaxed and happily enjoying other pursuits that don’t involve scheduled sex wondering if every last twinge, itch, and strange dream is surely the earliest sign of pregnancy.

Helpful as always, C has already taken to teasing me about my upcoming role as insufferable-patient-with-pseudocyesis[1]. Truthfully, it will be a dazzling role reprisal as my one loyal reader (hi mom!) may remember my previous forays into I’m-so-tired-with-shades-of-nausea-that-i-must-be-pregnant-even-though-i-haven’t-ovulated-in-six-months bat-shit crazy reasoning. What can I say – I’m a lawyer, I think logically.

Anyway, I’m trying my best to maintain some semblance of sanity. It certainly helps that my bitchiness has all but disappeared – shock: it was totally correlated to Clomid-taking! – and the crippling ovary pain (it arrived!) has since faded.

If you’re keeping score at home, here’s the low down on the next steps: In the next two weeks, I’ll meet with the reproductive endocrinologist and put a plan[2] in place should my subsequent pregnancy test reveal that I’m not of the knocked-up variety. Then, a few days later, faint-fest a blood draw confirms whether or not I won the golden ticket. Until then, I’ll probably have to be physically restrained from taking seventy-bajillion home pregnancy tests whose inscrutable test-reading-windows leave me certain that I’m the rare pregnant lady for whom a home pregnancy test always provides a false negative.

For now, please excuse me while I pick out baby names pace the halls.

Forthcoming: the second installment of the ever-popular recipe-post, things-I-cooked-while-trying. This time with slightly less chocolate <jumps back on treadmill>.

[1] What, you don’t… live with a doctor yet obtain all of your substantive medical advice from webmd?
[2] Which will go something like… take more birth control, then take more Clomid, maybe a round of OVIDREL as an aperitif. For full effect, this plan will be implemented without even the slightest hint of irony.


  1. If the drugs and waiting and chocolate and treadmilling and pacing make you a little crazy and you start getting... errrr... creative with your name choosing, double check this list of the worst baby names of 2012 (be sure to click through to BabyCenter's list). Gold.

  2. hahaha i just posted about this very phenomenon of crazy, hope-induced hypochrondriasis. Good luck in your wait. Mine doesn't seem to be turning out too well. Should know tomorrow. What a rollercoaster.

  3. Maggie - Amazing list! I really hope baby boy "ESPN" grows up to love the theater. Baby girl "Thinn" will be umm, totally well adjusted. Or need years of therapy.

    JustMe - just read your great post. I may have been known to engage in, ahem, some of that "silly" (okay totally irrational, non-thinking) behavior. Good luck this cycle!