Thursday, January 31, 2013

on the up and up

Things are looking up. Not only am I now caught up on both Girls and the Bachelor (yeah, I’m a sophisticated lawyer who watches the Bachelor, what of it?) is Congress making moves toward immigration reform and gun control, but check this out: the smart, witty, feminist ladies over at A Practical Wedding/Reclaiming Wife (because “reclaiming marriage” just sounds homophobic), have kindly posted one of my sassy musings ramblings on trying to conceive. 

And, notwithstanding the morbidity of my last posts (really, I’m okay guys, no need to remove the sharp objects), I’m ready for another go at all of this. I still need the green light from the reproductive endocrinologist next week, but here’s hoping that lucky-number-round-three of Clomid is right around the corner. Honestly, I have never been so physically and emotionally ready for hot flashes and, you know, being kind of a bitch (nostalgia is, apparently, a very distorting force).

Hope you’ll join me for the next installment of this wild ride[1].

[1] Seriously though, how effing deep is Clueless? So deep, you guys. Cher’s use of metaphor? Boy, getting off the freeway makes you realize how important love is. Mind blowing.


  1. Hi! Read your post on APW and loved it - so now I have to follow your blog. =)

    1. ha, thanks so much, posting on APW was a total dream. Anyway, thanks for reading!